CLEMENS advises RG Rom Gummi A/S in acquisition

Morten Breum-Leer

Attorney (High Court), partner

+45 20744800
Morten Bangsgaard Kjeldsen

Attorney (High Court)

+45 21899210

CLEMENS has assisted RG Rom Gummi A/S with the acquisition of the Norwegian rubber manufacturer Rub-Tech AS. RG Rom Gummi A/S, based in Rom near Lemvig, develops and produces solutions in technical rubber, plastic and foam for virtually all industries, and with the acquisition of Rub-Tech AS, RG Rom Gummi A/S strengthens its position in the Norwegian market for rubber solutions.

From CLEMENS, Attorney and partner Morten Breum-Leer and Attorney Morten Bangsgaard Kjeldsen advised RG Rom Gummi A/S in connection with the acquisition.

"We have previously and with great satisfaction used Morten Breum-Leer as an advisor in connection with company acquisitions, and therefore it was a natural choice for us to continue the good cooperation. We have been happy with this decision.

Morten and his team at CLEMENS led us safely through the process and negotiation of the agreements, and it has been a pleasure to feel that Morten and his team at CLEMENS have always understood what was important to us in the process.", says Jesper Berg Kristensen, CEO of RG Rom Gummi.

RG Rom Gummi A/S reports on the acquisition here.

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