ESG is a rapidly evolving area that is relevant to every company, regardless of size and industry. ESG stands for "environmental", "social" and "governance", and refers to the environmental, social and governance issues that must be taken into account when working with everything from business strategy to daily operations. .

Regardless of whether your company is directly affected by the many new requirements and expectations for documentation, reporting and the development of more sustainable business models, we recommend that you as an owner-manager, board of directors or executive board already now establish an overview of the impact of the many new regulations on your company's resilience.

The new requirements for sustainability reporting under the so-called CSRD Directive are particularly relevant for sustainability reporting. In practice, the new reporting requirements affect all types of companies, so even smaller supplier companies will find that not only will access to investments, loans and partnerships depend on compliance with the many new requirements, but local competitiveness will also be affected.

We have extensive experience in the ESG area and advise on e.g:

  • Development of the Code of Conduct
  • Developing policies and standards for ESG work
  • The legal ESG requirements your company is subject to, including sustainability reporting under CSRD and upcoming statutory due diligence obligations under CSDDD
  • Risk identification and gap analysis
  • Sparring on specific ESG initiatives for your company
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sanctions and export controls
  • Communicate climate and environmental initiatives to avoid greenwashing

We ensure that we tailor the need for legal advice to your company's specific situation and needs, so that ESG work is neither confusing nor overwhelming.

ESG advice at CLEMENS is very much anchored in our various specialist teams, including corporate compliance, construction law and sustainable construction, commercial real estate, HR law, whistleblower schemes and M&A. Depending on your company's industry and needs, we ensure you are supported by the right specialists.

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