Situations can arise for all companies and authorities that cannot be resolved immediately. This may be in relation to complicated facts related to a longer course of action, or in relation to a specific incident that the parties involved have a divergent view of. As lawyers, we are specially trained to identify the facts and assess the legal consequences. Often, a competent decision-making process will require an evidentiary and legal assessment of the course of events. In such cases, the legal investigation is justified.

A legal investigation is an effective method for collecting and systematizing data and information, determining a course of events and making a legal assessment. Whether the conclusions of the legal investigation are to be made public or not, the legal investigation is an effective management tool in the subsequent decision-making process. Initiating an independent legal investigation ensures that the lawyer does not have conflicting interests in conducting the investigation. This is a crucial prerequisite for the investigation to form a factual basis for a subsequent competent decision-making process. In addition, the lawyer's independent role is often a prerequisite for the persons involved to have confidence that they can express their views on specific matters in confidence.

When selecting the right Attorney to conduct the legal investigation, it is extremely important that the lawyer has the necessary experience and expertise in the relevant field, but it is at least as important that the lawyer has in-depth experience with data protection and the ethical rules and procedural requirements that apply when conducting legal investigations. At the same time, it is crucial that the lawyer possesses human qualities that enable the lawyer to create trust and security in the meeting with those involved, as this is a prerequisite for effective information gathering via interviews and conversations.

CLEMENS' experience with legal research

CLEMENS has extensive experience in organizing and conducting legal investigations, including impartial legal investigations. We ensure an efficient process with thorough planning and execution of the investigation and ongoing reporting. In addition, we ensure a high level of objectivity and objectivity in our work with both the collection of data and material as well as in the processing and assessment thereof. It is important to us that in our work we take great care to ensure a high degree of human consideration for the people involved in the lawyer survey. When organizing a lawyer survey, we always emphasize validity in securing the available data basis, reliability in the collected data to ensure uniform and consistent collection, especially with respect for the variation that a human data basis necessarily entails if the data collection is based on interviews, confidentiality in the handling of documents and information and in the framework around interviews to create a safe environment for honest and reliable information and neutrality in relation to the theme of the lawyer survey. Our intuitive digital platforms support secure, efficient and confidential handling of data and reporting.

Our advice

Our advice in connection with legal investigations includes, among other things:

  • Advice on the processes of a legal investigation
  • Organizing the framework and scope of the lawyer survey
  • Preparation of terms of reference
  • Create and manage external reporting channels
  • Document and data collection
  • Organizing and conducting interviews
  • Legal assessments of data basis
  • Report preparation and follow-up advice

Latest cases

Among other things, we have assisted:

  • A large Danish international company in conducting a comprehensive legal investigation into allegations of a highly challenged work environment and a manager's systematic disregard for health and safety considerations and conditions for flex job employees
  • A Danish company to conduct a legal investigation into allegations of sexual harassment

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