At CLEMENS, we advise on the essential areas of competition law with a focus on commercial contracts and horizontal collaborations such as voluntary chains, joint ventures and consortia.

Competition law affects most businesses, regardless of industry and size. The rules are complex and there is often a fine line between a legal agreement and a criminal offense. Furthermore, the rules are enforced at both Danish and European level, and breaking the rules can lead to significant fines, bad publicity and commercial damage.

It is therefore important that competition law compliance is integrated as part of the company's culture at an early stage, so that an understanding of the parameters behind the complex rules is incorporated.

CLEMENS advises on competition law due diligence, including reviewing the company's commercial agreements (supplier agreements, cooperation agreements, customer contracts and distributor and agent agreements).

Our team also has many years of experience advising voluntary chain partnerships, joint ventures and consortia.

We often collaborate with the rest of the compliance team at CLEMENS and are an integral part of any business transfer.

Competition law is just one of many areas of law that the CLEMENS compliance team deals with.

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