We take pride in delivering the best possible advice and solutions based on an overall understanding of the need - assessed from all aspects - in the specific situation.

Good advice requires specialist knowledge, extensive experience and a good overview, which we have with many decades of specialist experience and, as a result, a great deal of insight and understanding of the construction industry.

We assist in all situations within construction law.

We are involved in the pre-tender period, in connection with the conclusion of construction contracts where risks are eliminated, and in the handling of disputes - most often at the Arbitration Board, Construction and Civil Engineering and in the ordinary courts.

Several of our specialist lawyers are trained mediators, including within building and construction. We always work towards conflict resolution and explore the possibilities for settlement - possibly through mediation.


We offer the following services, among others:

  • Advice to both clients and contractors on, among other things, the choice of contract form and the associated distribution of tasks and risks
  • Preparation and assessment of construction and consulting contracts
  • Advice on the standard terms and conditions of the construction industry, including AB , ABT and ABR with associated simplified versions and optional clauses, including training courses
  • Ad hoc advice to contractors and consultants, including architects and engineers, as well as client advisors during the construction process
  • Assistance in appraisal cases, court proceedings and expert decisions on e.g. collateral
  • Conducting arbitration proceedings before the Arbitration Board and the Danish Institute of Arbitration as well as litigation before the ordinary courts
  • Conducting arbitration proceedings before the Arbitration Board and the Danish Institute of Arbitration and conducting legal proceedings before the ordinary courts
  • Assistance with mediation


We emphasize that our team is made up of specialists and are convinced that many disputes can be avoided, or at least limited, with the right advice early on.

Our network includes many partners in the construction industry, which is why we can help ensure that the right expert assistance is assigned to your situation.

If you have any questions, we're ready to help, whether it's clarifying general questions or needing assistance in a specific situation.

We fully understand the importance of being available when you need assistance.

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