Due to the globalization of business, we are experiencing an increasing demand for legal advice in connection with commercial immigration law - i.e. the rules that allow foreign workers to come to Denmark. Global mobility requires specialized advice in a number of areas - including commercial immigration law, HR law, tax law and international family law.

Typically, this will be a posting between two companies within the same group, where the employee remains employed by the posting company. Any such situation raises legal challenges - especially the relationship between the posting agreement and the employee's employment contract with the posting company is important to keep in mind.

Our legal advice in commercial immigration law is efficient, quality-conscious and competitively priced. In the case of standard services, we are also able to offer fixed prices regardless of time spent.

Our team is ready to advise on all the legal aspects that can arise in connection with the use of foreign labor, but the focus is often on the following issues:

  • Work and residence permits for workers and their accompanying family members - including the preparation of all necessary documentation for all types of work permits, but especially
  • Fast-track scheme
  • The lump sum scheme
  • Positive lists
  • Start-up Denmark
  • Business visa rooms and other short-term stays
  • EU registration certificates

We primarily advise foreign companies who want to send employees to Denmark or who have an ambition to set up a branch in Denmark

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