At CLEMENS, we have extensive experience in providing advice on data protection law issues and compliance challenges to many different industries and many types and sizes of companies and authorities. We go to great lengths to ensure that our advice is always of the highest quality but also holistic, focusing not only on the law but also on the organization's other interests.

What is data protection?

All companies and authorities process personal data to a greater or lesser extent. This could be about employees, customers, business partners, leads or visitors to a website. The data protection rules therefore apply to all companies and authorities, regardless of size and type. The data protection rules that apply in Denmark primarily originate from the EU, but a number of special rules have also been adopted in Denmark, including, among other things, regarding the use of CPR numbers and information about criminal offenses. The rules aim to ensure and regulate that companies and authorities only process personal data in a legitimate, proper, necessary and transparent manner.

How can we help with data protection?

There are many complex rules governing how organizations can process personal data. Best practice in data protection is constantly evolving, and the legislation imposes a wide range of requirements on all private companies and public authorities, which are implemented differently depending on how the company or authority is structured. Achieving a sound level of compliance in data protection is therefore not an easy exercise, but a process that requires many resources and specialized skills. Regardless of industry, CLEMENS' specialists help your company identify and gain an overview of relevant risks for your organization, as well as plan and assist in the development of data protection compliance.

CLEMENS advises in all areas of data protection law:

  • General questions about the implementation and interpretation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act
  • Gap analysis and compliance assessments
  • Risk assessments and impact assessments
  • General issues in connection with the processing of personal data processing of personal data as part of the company's operations, including e.g. in connection with marketing initiatives or the use of cookies and cookie-like technologies
  • Development of policies, procedures, instructions
  • Compliance with disclosure obligations
  • Disclosure of personal data
  • Data processing agreements and joint data responsibility agreements
  • Data processor control
  • International data transfers
  • Security breach management, including notifications to the Danish Data Protection Agency
  • Rights requests for access, correction and deletion of personal data
  • Complaints

Why is compliance with data protection legislation important?

Compliance is fundamentally about ensuring that the organization adheres to the law. In Denmark, the Danish Data Protection Agency ensures that private companies and public authorities comply with data protection laws. Failure to comply with data protection regulations can result in fines, lawsuits, negative publicity, commercial damage and much more.

Preventive and compliance initiatives can therefore save your organization countless costs in the long run. In addition, the right compliance measures can increase the efficiency of your organization through increased structure and understanding of internal processes and risks.


CLEMENS' compliance team is ranked in tier 2 in Legal500 in 2023, where a number of clients have commented on the compliance team's advice.


"Camilla Sand Fink is very sharp and I find her communication/way of explaining legal complexities excellent. I find her to be very capable and her good communication helps to drive progress in different situations instead of gettick stuck in legal details which are more or less irrelevant for the business."

"The team and partners are focused on solving the practical challenges while maintaining the required legal coverage. The teams and partners are client centric, very knowledgeable, have practical experience and are very good people."

"We have worked with the compliance team and we have always been super thankful for their work and skills. They are a young and agile team with the ability to move fast on incoming dilemmas and issues. They have a strong network and have moved fast in setting us up with relevant peers."

"We have worked closely with Camilla Sand Fink who demonstrates brilliant and best-in-class work and knowledge in the field."

"Tommy Angermair and Camilla Sand Fink are the team that I've worked most closely with recently. Tommy's willingness to provide help a a moment's notice - as well as help separate fact from feeling has been incredibly useful in situations where we've had thorny employment issues to handle."

"Camilla Sand Fink's expertise in privacy/GDPR has been an indispensable guidepost as we've brought our organization into compliance with the law; she has literally contributed to the law review on data protection and it shows in her confidence in how she presents; never afraid to say that there's something that isn't knowable or that there's something being done incorrectly."


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