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The owners of Junget A/S, one of Denmark's leading suppliers of machinery, tools and grinding for the wood, aluminum and plastics industries, have entered into an agreement to sell the majority of the company's share capital to the private equity fund Blue Equity.

CLEMENS has advised the owners of Junget A/S in connection with the sale.

Blue Equity is a Danish private equity fund that invests in exceptional Danish companies with revenues in the range of mDKK 25 - 250 with the aim of achieving a reasonable return over the ownership period.

Their goal is to make good companies better by providing capital, knowledge and networks to create value in close collaboration with management.

Junget A/S, founded in 2015, has experienced a very positive development in recent years with progress and growth.

As a result, Junget A/S today has a unique position as a total supplier in the machinery industry, because the company can provide its customers with a complete turnkey solution that includes everything from software integration and machine installation to tools and maintenance service.

With the investment from Blue Equity, Junget A/S hopes to live up to its potential to create further growth and continue to be an attractive business partner for its customers.

CEO Poul Thøgersen says in connection with the investment:

"With Blue Equity in the picture, we are in a strong position. Their extensive knowledge and professional skills will benefit us when we together make the decisions that will be crucial for the company's growth and ability to act. Blue Equity is a good match for Junget because of its circle of investors and mentality."

Going forward, the owners of Junget A/S will consist of Blue Equity and two of the previous owners and senior employees, Poul Thøgersen and Ole Greibe Nielsen.

The completion of the sale to Blue Equity is subject to approval from the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Qualified handling of your business transfer

Attorney and partner Morten Breum-Leer, Attorney and partner Søren Hammer Westmark and Attorney Bine Skriver Svenningsen has advised the owners of Junget A/S on the legal part of the sales process. Among other things, they have been responsible for the contract drafting and participated in the negotiations with Blue Equity's lawyers.

At CLEMENS, we have in-depth knowledge of the contractual pitfalls and benefits that exist in most types of business transfers, and we can therefore provide competent and qualified advice to many different types of businesses.

We also ensure professional handling and follow-up throughout the process, so that all aspects of the agreement are taken care of before, during and after the handover.

If you are facing an investment process or a business transfer, please contact us for a non-binding discussion.

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