Reshopper acquires children's clothing company and opens physical stores

Morten Breum-Leer

Attorney (High Court), partner

+45 20744800

The company behind the app Reshopper, which has more than 250,000 users, is investing heavily in children's clothing.
Reshopper, which for a decade has been the favorite online marketplace for families with children to buy and sell used children's clothing and equipment, has acquired the company Kids Group.

From CLEMENS, partner Morten Breum-Leer assisted Reshopper throughout the process. The close relationship with the buyer, full openness and trust, has been an important factor throughout the entire purchase process. Read more here: "Reshopper acquires children's clothing company: Jesper Buch and Casper Blom to establish new nationwide concept"

Once again, we congratulate Christian Bjerre Kusk, Esben Gadsbøll, Jesper Buch, Anders Breinholst, Nicolai Danmark Johannesen, Anders Dahl Pape and Kelvin V. Thelin on the successful transaction. Thelin congratulations on the successful transaction.

Reshopper acquires children's clothing company

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