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The Aarhus-based company SA-AL Køleteknik, which provides refrigeration technology for grocery stores, has just been sold to the Swedish group Nordic Climate Group.

Nordic Climate Group is a portfolio company under the private equity fund Altor Equity Partners, which has also played an active role in the entire sales process.

Our team at CLEMENS, consisting of Morten Breum-Leer, Bine Skriver Hedegaard and Gitte Thirstrup, advised the owners throughout the entire sales process.

SA-AL Køleteknik, founded in 1994, is Denmark's leading supplier of refrigeration technology for grocery stores. With branches in Aarhus, Aalborg and Kolding, the company offers installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems in most of Denmark. SA-AL Køleteknik has a staff of 55 employees and a turnover of approximately DKK 120 million.

With the sale to Nordic Climate Group, SA-AL Køleteknik has chosen a professional partner with a focus on progress and sustainability. Conversely, SA-AL Køleteknik brings both great competence and a strong market position to Nordic Climate Group, which itself has activities in Sweden, Norway and Finland within cooling, heating and energy solutions. The partnership therefore provides fertile ground for valuable synergies and exchange of experience.

SA-AL Køleteknik will continue as an independent company, an independent brand and with independent management and staff. The former owners will therefore retain the same roles in the company as before.

Competent legal and business-oriented advice

"Morten and Bine's extensive skills and experience in selling companies have been crucial in helping us safely and securely through all the many legal aspects of the sales process. At the same time, it has been very important that they have had an understanding of our company, which is partly due to my many years of collaboration with Morten prior to the sale. From the very beginning, we have therefore trusted Morten and Bine's legal competencies and their ability to safeguard our interests in the best possible way," says CEO and former majority owner Rune Høyer.

"A sales process like this is very complex and can seem confusing when you've never done it before. However, Morten and Bine have managed to make it all clear and understandable. At the same time, they have had the full overview from start to finish and have always been aware of potential pitfalls along the way. Their down-to-earth and straightforward advice has been important to our success in the sale."

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