The energy company OK has taken over the company Elektron

Dennis Birkeholm Larsen

Attorney (High Court), partner

+45 40228714
Jakob Brix Kvols

Senior Attorney (High Court)

+45 30359699

CLEMENS has assisted the owners of Elektron ApS with the sale to the energy company OK.

The Aarhus-based electricity company Elektron, which for the past 10 years has specialized in supplying electricity to private customers, has just executed an agreement where the energy company OK has acquired Elektron ApS.

 "It has been a pleasure working with Dennis Birkeholm Larsen and Jakob Brix Kvols as our lawyers. Their advice in connection with the sale has impressed us with their ability to understand our business and we have never doubted their focus on Elektron's interests. Their ability to negotiate and achieve a satisfactory outcome, both for us and OK, is a bit of a balancing act. Both in terms of confidential information and because it requires a high degree of mutual trust between all parties.

Dennis and Jakob made a complicated process understandable and their advice, openness, high level of information and mutual trust were important factors in achieving sufficient confidence in the sales process", say Torben Marvin Jensen and Rasmus Hjorth Sindberg.

Read more about the sale to OK here: Energy company OK acquires successful electricity company"

Elektron ApS sold to energy company OK


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