Grundfos Foundation has invested in Aarhus GeoInstruments

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Bine Skriver Hedegaard


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With the help of CLEMENS Law Firm, Aarhus GeoInstruments has securedan investment from Grundfos Fonden, whereby Grundfos Fonden has acquired a 24.9% stake in the company. The investment is the result of a long-term and successful research collaboration between the two parties.

Aarhus GeoInstruments produces instruments for mapping the subsurface using Transient ElectroMagnetics (TEM) technology and has developed a unique way of locating underground groundwater resources. This unique technology can be used to ensure access to clean drinking water in the world's most vulnerable areas. The investment and the Grundfos Foundation's direct co-ownership will allow Aarhus GeoInstruments to develop more new instruments and build stronger partnerships with customers to help them design even better groundwater mapping projects.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Morten Breum-Leer and Bine Skriver Hedegaard as our lawyers at Aarhus GeoInstruments since 2020 when we founded the company. What impresses me most about Morten and Bine's investment advice is their ability to understand our business and our objectives. They have always been very professional and competent in their advice, and I have never doubted that they had Aarhus GeoInstruments' interests at heart. However, the best part of this investment process has been their formidable ability to negotiate and achieve a good result, which both we and the Grundfos Foundation are very pleased with. I would also like to highlight Morten and Bine's ability to make a complicated investment process understandable and take us safely through the entire process while maintaining focus on avoiding potential challenges along the way. Their advice has been crucial to our success in our capital expansion. They have helped us navigate the many legal aspects, and throughout the investment process, both full transparency and mutual trust have been important factors," says CEO at Aarhus GeoInstruments, Esben Auken.


The sale will strengthen Aarhus GeoInstruments' dissemination of their unique technology, and for the Grundfos Foundation, this very special direct investment comes in light of the fact that the technology has proven its worth over a number of years in several places in climate-vulnerable areas for the benefit of some of the world's most vulnerable people.

Attorney and partner Morten Breum-Leer and Attorney Bine Skriver Hedegaard has advised Aarhus Geoinstruments throughout the investment process. At CLEMENS Law Firm, we are pleased to work with Aarhus Geoinstruments and proud to have provided valuable advice to the company throughout this exciting investment process.

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