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CLEMENS had the pleasure of advising Morten Larsen in connection with his participation in season 9 of "Løvens Hule" on DR1.

Morten Larsen is an experienced investor and entrepreneur who has led a number of success stories, including as founder and CEO of the takeaway platform, which CLEMENS assisted in transferring to Delivery Hero.

CLEMENS has advised Morten Larsen on, among other things, risk hedging, conducted due diligence investigations and prepared the contractual and company law investment basis, which forms the foundation for all of Morten's investments in this season of "Løvens Hule".

"Since the days with, I have with great satisfaction used Morten Breum-Leer and CLEMENS as legal advisor for everything from smaller investments in startups to extensive international restructuring of and the subsequent sale of I have always been happy with that decision," says Morten Larsen.

He continues:

"Therefore, it was only natural for me that CLEMENS should be associated as an advisor in connection with my participation as a Lion in "The Lion's Den". CLEMENS has once again been an extremely reliable and professional partner who always focuses on making things succeed."

Investing in startup companies

With legal advice from CLEMENS, Morten Larsen demonstrated his commitment to the Danish entrepreneurial scene and an impressive range of investment skills every Thursday in January and February in Løvens Hule by investing in a number of very diverse companies.

In season 9 of "Løvens Hule", Morten Larsen has invested in online companies:

What they have in common is that they have identified a niche in the market, explored the opportunities and established businesses with competitive advantages.

The 4 companies sell organic seed bags, wine tasting boxes, silk cement and performance underwear at highly competitive prices.

In addition to the companies above, Morten Larsen has also invested in highly specialized companies such as the furniture design company Kristian Juul, which has an eye for both functionality and style in its furniture designs, the sustainable microgreen producer Heimdalgaard, theadventure universe A Dash of Magic and the specialist company RenBå

"It has been crucial for me that the diverse nature of the companies I choose to invest in is taken into account throughout the investment process. At the same time, most startups are in a phase where the necessary organizational structure has not yet been established, which is often a limitation for both growth and success" Morten Larsen explains and continues:

"CLEMENS is able to simultaneously handle the diverse nature of my investments while offering a structured and solution-oriented approach that helps ensure that the necessary organizational foundation is established in each company."

An old partner in a new era

In connection with Morten Larsen's entry as the new Lion in "The Lion's Den", the advice from CLEMENS and the many years of close cooperation have been extremely valuable.

"CLEMENS knows me as a person and has a great understanding of my business considerations. As a Leo and entrepreneur, where new things are always happening, it's worth its weight in gold to have such a close and trusted partner. It creates the perfect framework for my entry as a new Lion" says Morten Larsen.

He concludes

"CLEMENS has had my back throughout the entire process. They have always been available during an intense and hectic process with tight deadlines. They have always been systematic and solution-oriented, and I have yet to have an issue that they could not help me with."

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